Beautiful Pasticciotto !

A typical treat from Lecce and its surrounding areas, made with a sweet crust and pastry cream.
You can find exquisite ones in all the famous pastry shops!!

       It is curious that an exquisite treat that is easy to make has remained the property of a single geographic region: Salento.

      Nobody knows from where it came, but the most credible hypothesis is that it is the child of a double crust cream pie, that itself was related to a sweet ricotta cake, both born in the beginning of the 1700s in local pastry shops in Salento. In practice, it is a single serving cake with a crust. The city of Lecce has named the pasticciotto as the typical Lecce cake, and it is listed on the national food product list of traditional foods by the Ministry of Political Agricultural Foods and Forestry (according to Art. 8, in the legislative decree of April 30th 1998, n. 173).There are places you must not miss if you want to taste great pasticciotti and compare them. The first pasticciotto bakery that comes to mind is named Ascalone, in Galatina, about twenty kilometers from Lecce. Wikipedia and other experts claim Ascalone as the inventor of the pasticciotto, and some also fix the date at 1745. Then in Martano, also near Lecce, there is the Ficile pastry shop, that changed owners a few years ago on condition that the original pasticciotto recipe was included in the deal. 

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